One click. One tree. OneSeed.

Turn your marketing spend into trees. Plant trees to reward audience engagement, and capture attention like never before.


How OneSeed helps your business & the planet

We host your digital marketing campaign landing pages, forms, or thank you pages.

Consumers are rewarded with planted trees for their engagement with your OneSeed enabled content.

As the sponsor, you get credit for the carbon offsets and create positive brand awareness and social currency.

What is OneSeed Media?

We are an ESG-driven content engagement media platform and community that drives beneficial engagement between companies with a ESG focus and buyers. Trees are planted in proportion to on-platform engagement activity.

Who plants the trees?

We've partnered with reputable organizations that maximize donation dollars, provide granular visibility into how many trees YOU helped get planted and where, and together cover a greater area of the earth's surface for greater impact.

What is the business benefit?

Today's sales and marketing must make a tangible ESG contribution for positive brand positioning with clients and prospects. With OneSeed, your marketing dollars contribute to ESG targets and carbon offsets, and build brand social currency.

Have more questions?

Find more details in our Frequently Asked Questions section.

Tools to fight climate change, with a click

The OneSeed Green media portal hosts news and articles to educate about ESG topics and help counteract the effects of climate change through digital marketing engagement clicks and planting of more trees.


What our team is saying

It's so thrilling seeing the app go live, providing an easy way to impact climate change a little bit every day.

Augusta - Lisbon, Portugal

The convergence of ESG and community content is exciting. We’re building a platform that delivers value for all - and the environment.

David - Hong Kong SAR